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List of Most Common Allowable Medical Expenses

Abortion, legal
Accident and health insurance
Adoption, medical costs of adopted child
Air conditioner (if for allergy relief or cystic fibrosis relief)
Alcoholism, treatment of
Attendant to accompany blind or deaf student
Auto expense (mileage deduction)
Birth control pills (prescribed by doctor)
Blind person expenses, such as
Attendant to accompany student
Braille books and magazines (excess cost of regular editions)
Seeing-eye dog
Special education
Special educational aids to mitigate condition
Attendant to accompany student
Blood Sugar Tests
Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy
Capital expenditures, home modifications for handicapped individual
Car expenses, such as:
Equiped to accommodate wheelchair passengers
Handicap controls
Mileage deduction
Chemical dependency treatment
Childbirth preparation classes for mother
Christian Science treatment
Clarinet and lessons, alleviation of severe teeth malocclusion
Computer data bank, storage and retrieval of medical records
Contact lenses and replacement insurance
Contraceptives, prescription
Cosmetic surgery, necessary to ameliorate a deformity arising from a congenital abnormality, personal injury, or disfiguring disease
Deaf person expenses, such as:
Hearing aid
Hearing-aid animal
Lip reading expenses
Notetaker fees
Special education
Telephone, specially equipped (including repairs)
Television, clsoed-caption decoder
Visual alert system
Dental fees
Dentures (artificial teeth)
Diagnostic fees
Diapers, disposable (used due to severe neurological disease)
Doctor's fees
Domestic aid, type that would be rendered by nurse
Drug addiction, recovery from
Drugs, prescription
Dyslexia, language training
Elevator, alleviation of cardiac condition
Eye examination and glasses
Fluoride device, on advice of dentist
Guide Dogs (for physically disabled persons)
Hair transplant (for treatment of a disfiguring condition arising from congenital abnormality, personal injury or trauma, or disease)
Halfway house, adjustment to mental hospital
Health club dues (if prescribed by physician for medical condition)
Health insurance
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
Hearing aids (see Deaf persons)
Home Improvements, certain, to provide medical benefit or assist disabled
Hospital care, in-patient
Indian Medicine man
Insurance, such as:
Long term care insurance (within limits)
Medicare A coverage
Premiums for medical care
Premiums for self-employed
Iron lung
Laboratory fees
Lead paint, removal
Legal expenses, authorization of treatment for mental illness
Lifetime medical care, prepaid; retirement home
Limbs, artificial
Lodging (limited to $50 per night)
Long term care expenses
Mattress, prescribed for alleviation of arthritis
Nursing home, medical reasons
Nursing services (including board and social security tax if paid by taxpayer)
Obstetrical expenses
Operations, legal
Orthopedic shoes, excess cost
Oxygen equipment, breathing difficulty
Patterning exercises, handicapped child
Plumbing, special fixtures for handicapped
Prescription Drugs
Psychiatric care
Reclining chair for cardiac patient
Remedial reading for dyslexic child
Retirement home, cost of medical care
Sanitarium rest home, cost of (medical, educational, or rehabilitative reasons)
Schools, special, relief of handicap
Service animals
Sexual dysfunction, treatment for
Smoking, program to stop
Special Equipment (installed in home to provide medical benefit or assist disabled)
Sterilization operation, legal
Swimming pool, treatment of polio or arthritis
Taxicab to doctor's office
Teeth, artificial
Telephone, specially equipped (deaf persons or modified for person in an iron lung)
Television, closed caption decoder
Transplant, donor's cost of
Transportation, cost incurred essentially and primarily for medical care
Vasectomy, legal
Visual alert system for hearing impaired
Vision correction by laser surgery
Weight loss program for treatment of specific disease
Wig, alleviation of mental discomfort resulting from disease

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